2011 Camp Inagehi

Camp Inagehi 2011

When I said things wouldn’t be following a specific time line, I truly meant it. These photos are from a week at camp almost 2 years ago.

As a kid, I always looked forward to camp, like really looked forward to it. I would look forward to seeing all my friends that I had met the year before and all the shenanigans we would get into. When I say, “look forward to”, I really mean yearn. See, when you are unable to drive, the distance from your house to your friend’s house, (that is 35 minutes away) seems like 4 hours to adult who can drive. So, this looking forward to was a very deep, deep, feeling that resonated with me all year long.

It wasn’t just the people though, that I looked forward to. It was the experience of everything. The tradition of the water slide, the card games, a nightly game of WINK and the singing. We would sing every night to God, and on a few occasions all night. Our voices would be raw from singing but for some reason, we kept going.

These photos are actually from a year when I was a counselor, and the majority of the girls were either in my cabin or were once in my cabin. They kept me up all night, drove me crazy, and were often times bigger than me in a lot of areas. 🙂

The last photo is of one of my campers getting baptized. That commitment always pulls on my heart. I always hoped and prayed for baptisms, because we would huddle around the pool, (often at night, in the dark, when it was prime time for frog intercourse – sort of ironic, I know 🙂 ) and edify the new Christian. I would always go back to the time where I made that commitment in the very same pool; it was the best way to end the evening.


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