Anna & Justin.


This post is about some of my two favorite country people. Anna & Justin! Anna was my suite mate my freshman year and we had our fall outs during that time, but we LOVE each other now. 🙂 Or at least, I love her.

Anna and Justin were my first couple/ engagement shoot ever, and still one of my favorites to this day. We went to different places (one of which was a carousel). They had a vision of who they were and how they wanted to portray it. Well, Anna did at least, and Justin got boiled peanuts out of it, so everyone was a happy camper 😉 (that will be another post, for another day).

When Anna asked me to drive an hour away for their Christmas photos in the country and I was more than happy to do it! See, they live in the part of Georgia where cows and animals roam and when it gets dark, it really gets dark. I love it visiting there. Its so quiet and peaceful. Their side porch is a view of her dad’s sod farm and their front porch is a field and a mountain. Its absolutely gorgeous. I would sit on my porch all day in a swivel chair to get both sides of the house, ( yes, I’d be that person).

My favorite part of being around Anna is making/seeing her laugh. The third photo down shows Anna laughing really hard and its just so her, the only thing missing is a sound effect. When she laughs really hard, she kind of stops breathing out and sucks the air back into her mouth, rather than blowing out and making a noise like most people. Its the sweetest thing and I love it when it happens. So naturally when I’m around her I try to do funny things to get her going ;). Her husband is pretty good about getting her laughing too, which is probably one reason they got married and work so well together. I’ve never seen the guy get upset, he’s got such a cool and calm attitude about him its crazy (but also awesome).

I love these two!


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