Dana Mac.

Dana Mac-Where you will go

This is about my close, close friend Dana. She’s a fighter in every sense of the word and everyone she meets instantly knows it. When I say, “fighter” I don’t mean someone who enjoys the act of fighting. I mean someone who will push and shove to do whats right, to help others out, and who will make her stance known.

When Dana was in her last years of high school she started to have some medical problems. She was having trouble eating, keeping food down and would pass out through out the day. She had gone to the hospital several times, where the medical team just deemed her pregnant, (even though that wasn’t possible). One day at work, she passed out and couldn’t tell people where she lived, so they took to a hospital. They did a scan and discovered she had a brain tumor. They immediately took her into surgery to remove the mass.

(This is the funny part)
When Dana woke up, the doctors told her that they removed a mole on her head, so not to freak her out and keep her still. All of her visitors were crying, and she had no idea why. She kept saying, “Guys, its just a mole!”

Ever since, Dana has been vigilant in spreading the word on brain tumors and making their presence known. She has worked in a mental facility working with and assisting men with mental disabilities and she volunteers once a year in Lourdes, France baptizing people.

The girl has purpose.

Dana has friends probably on every continent, (except Antarctica, although I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow she did) and I chose to use her passport to define the, “Where she has been”. It’s literal, I know that, but she has literally been everywhere and its not usually for vacation. Its to go somewhere and help others. Selflessness–something many American’s know nothing about. Doing something for others, just to do it.

For her “Where you will go”, portion I chose to focus on some kick butt boots. Nothing will ever get in her way, I can’t think of a better image to show that, (other than an actual picture of her kicking someone’s butt). Dana is going to go far, and probably end up on the same level as Mother Theresa. She is one of the most selfless and full of love person I know, and I haven’t even known her very long!

I am thankful for you, and all you do Dana. You make the world a better place.

If you would like to get in touch and help Dana in her quests, here are some links:




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