Deanna & Andrew got MURRIED.


Sooooooo…. one of my best friends got married in October and I could not have been more happy about shooting her wedding. Deanna and Andrew have known of each other pretty much all their lives through church. Growing up, Andrew was a few years older than her, and Deanna told me of when she was younger, she used to have such a big crush on him. Years later, Andrew moved away and when he moved back to Georgia, the sparks exploded!

I’ve known Deanna since we were… 12? 11? We were always campers together but we were never close. Until, we both were going to the same college and we decided we should be roomies. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Something just clicked and we realized we were basically twins. 🙂

I love, love, love this girl, and I could not be more supportive of her and Andrew’s marriage  and I am so happy they asked me to photograph it. You two are so great for each other and I can’t wait for our little dinner nights!

Love you!


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