Cabin in the Woods! -a post much better than the movie ;)


This past weekend my husband and I went to Cleveland, GA with some friends of ours. We stayed up late, chilled in the hot tub and played some awesome games.

My favorite part, was that all we wanted to do on Saturday was lay around, eat and read our books. 🙂 You know you’re hanging out with the right people when you can do that kind of stuff and no one gets antsy about it. I believe many of our conversations revolved around books, awesome tv shows/ movies, and politics. 😀

No, but really. I love being around people where it is okay to do nothing and it still feels like you’re doing something. Its a good business.

The interior of the cabin had SUCH GOOD LIGHT!! I kept wanting to asking someone to be a model for me, but we were all walking around in our pjs with no showers. I don’t think I would’ve had any takers.

After our lazy day inside we went to Helen, which is our mini- German town, where you can buy fudge, crafts, and nic-nacks. ALSO,  its a epicenter for all things for Oktoberfest. If you EVER want to hang out with a bunch of rural people who, for some reason, believe they are German, this is the place to be. No, but really, you can get dark beers and bratwursts. Can’t beat that. You can see a little courtyard where the festivities go down in the fall.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, we all noticed little bits of snow swirling around us and getting in our hair. It was sort of magical, even for a bunch of semi-adults :). I squeaked a few times, and then quickly asked to go inside somewhere.

Unfortunately, when my husband is all bundled up he looks like a bank robber, but I’ll keep him.

This is another occasion where I used a cool film filter to bring out the emotion of the weekend. Fun, cool, and calm.


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