Zoë Keating at Mac World 2011- I wanna be with the band.


Zoë Keating Mac World 2011

Alright, so… I’ve decided my aspirations are everywhere. I wish you could get a job being a “Jack of all trades”, but I guess that’s not really possible.

But really, I’d love to be a band photographer. I love music so, so much and getting to photograph and listen to a live musical performance at the same time could potentially be the best thing ever.

Next to being a child therapist, but I’ve given up on my potential careers matching together. It’s just not going to happen. 🙂

Anyways, like I said, I want to be a band/ musician photographer.

This lovely lady is Zoë Keating. She’s a cellist from Canadia (pronouced Ka-naid-dia-:)) and she basically plays a bar or so of music and layers it with other bars she’s created, until she’s made a master piece. The first time I saw her play was with Imogen Heap are few years before, who basically does the same thing, except its with her voice.

I went to my first Mac World expo in 2011 and she was the special quest, (because she’s cool and uses a Mac). I was super excited about it, but my husband and his dad were just along for the ride. Needless to say, after her mini-concert they were sold. The music she plays is so calming and beautiful. Even though she’s not actually putting on a physically energetic show, your eyes never leave her. She is stunning. You can tell how attentive she is with the music, and how she’s listening by watching her face while she plays.

These type of performers are some of the best, because they are actively listening to how their instrument is playing and if anything is off they get the opportunity to say, “Hey guys, this sucks. Let me do it again”, and then they do. Making your experience even better.

If anyone knows of any bands in the Atlanta area needing some show shots let me know.


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