Janet (Juh-net). Coffee times.


You guys better get to know this lady. She’s next on my list for the hands and feet project. This girl has so much love in her body, you just don’t even know. I’m going to save all the nice things I have to say about her until the project post.

She’s one of those friends that I don’t have to be be “in the know” about all the time, because when we get together everything is totally normal.

She’s also my #1 kayak buddy; someone to paddle down the river with and talk about whatever. I love this about her.

Our story of how we met is so weird to me. We used to work together at American Eagle Outfitters and just hung out one day. I guess we just decided were were friends after that. I’ve never kept in touch with a old co-worker as long as her, but people are put in your life for a reason.

I can’t wait until we get to do a for real photo shoot.


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