VSCO Film 02 presets for Aperture 3 – Courtney getting pretty

VSCOFilm02 Blog


I’m kind of nerding out right now on the availability of VSCO Film 02 presets being available for Aperture 03.  If you have an account and have already downloaded Aperture 01 you get this gem for half off. Can we say that again?


I can’t wait to play. And then play. The first Aperture release was awesome. I purchased it last October when I was in the middle of “Wedding-tober Fest”, and I kind of had a change up in my editing styles. I know that’s bad form, when it comes to clients, but I fell in love. These presets are perfect in grain and color, and if you want more grain, well by all means, add it! It gives you that sweet vintage (classy) film look that can be difficult to get if you’re not real big on editing.  i.e. me. – I’ve never really spent a lot of time in learning Photoshop or any other photo editing software, because:

1. I try to make a habit of taking photos right when I’m shooting (not that I always do it right or am a pro…not tooting my horn, promise)
2. It makes better images all the way around – when something isn’t exposed right, people can tell and you might miss the look you are going for and post processing can’t replicate it. Unless you are just balla at Photoshop
#3 LESS TIME EDITING – so if you shot a wedding and realize at the end of the night you took 2,000 photos you wont be killing yourself later

BUT the benefit to editing presets (or any editing for that matter), is getting a certain look your camera might not be able to do. Or just straight up change it up. 🙂

Above are a few photos of a bride getting her make up done. I just had to use the presets. The natural light was so gorgeous and perfect. It was on 2 sides of the bride creating this beautiful air… the moment was so calm and peaceful. I felt like it really amplified how I remembered viewing the bride getting ready. Kind of like, “Shhhhh… Courtney is getting pretty.” 

Is anyone out there using either the VSCO 01 or 02 packs?


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