Sarah & JJ – Getting ready to meet baby Asa!


I was able to go to Sarah and JJ’s baby shower yesterday to celebrate a precious new life coming into this world. The shower was held at her aunt and uncle’s house out on Lake Oconee, which was absolutely beautiful. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right. After  the shower we went down by the lake to take some belly photos :).

During this…. one the family dogs decided to start humping the other… which, I can’t tell if this is sort of perfect or not? Up to your discretion I suppose…

Anyway, during our quasi-photo session, my friend Ashely and I wanted to “touch the belly” and ask weird pregnancy questions. Thanks to Sarah for answering them and putting up with our weirdness ;).
Honestly though, I probably could’ve just laid my head on her belly for forever. Something about knowing there is something so sweet, and so precious inside her belly, just makes me wish I had super energy powers. With these powers, energy would leave my finger tips and transfer to this baby and give him all sorts of sweet love (don’t call me a weirdo).

Luckily for him, he gets this now, and will get this every day from his mommy and daddy and possibly very soon! They are due March 7th, but this little guy is already turned and in position. The prediction is 2 weeks. We can only hope!

His name will be Asa, and he will have some really awesome parents.


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