Yonah Mountain Winery – Never go to a winery on an empty stomach. Ever.


I was able to go to my first “official” wine tasting today, and it was in Georgia! We went to this place called Yonah Mountain Vineyards with two of my favorite people. My husband wasn’t able to join us because of work, but it was such a beautiful day. I just could not have imagined a better way to spend Georgia’s one day of 65 degree weather and sunshine in the past month.

As you see from the title of this post … I went to this shindig having only eaten a piece of toast & an apple so by 3:30 when the tour started and then the tasting, I was a little off my kilter, but I had Zack and Chelsea laughing pretty good.

Something I always saw when I was in Helen was the word “Yonah”. For I a long time I thought it was something to do with the Amish since I thought it was a common last name, but I confused that with Yoder… anyways, “Yonah” actually means “Bear” in Cherokee. This vineyard backs up to the Yonah Mountain, thus the name Yonah Mountain Vineyard.

I will say, I am not red girl, but my favorite wine was a red wine called the Traminette. Something special about this winery is that they are the only Georgia winery with a cave & they also use concrete containers for their processing.

Super cool stuff.


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