N’awlins – the place you go to eat. Spicy food. And love it.


SO, most people, ( and by most, I am just assuming) like to go to the beach or some place warm for their one year anniversary… Jonathan and I like to go where we can eat and try yummy beer.

Can I just tell you how much I love good food?
I love good food. 

When I told people we were going to New Orleans, the first thing they said, “Oh you gotta eat here”, or ” You gotta drink this”. So we knew what we were getting into from the beginning.

As soon as we scooped out our hotel, we hit the streets. I needed to know where Café Du Monde was in relation to where we were. We also saw Liv Tyler on the way, she’s the 3rd picture from the top. Yea, the one of the back of 2 people’s heads.

I think the first day was my favorite photo day. We got there right at dusk – the warm, yellow light was aglow and making everything gorgeous. We wandered the patio area of Café Du Monde a while, deciding if we should jump right in, or wait… We decided to wait.
We ate dinner at this place called the Gumbo Shop. Étouffée and Jambalaya. mmmm.

Then, after that, we hit up Café Du Monde. At 10:30pm. We got coffee and beignets. No shame in our game.
I wish so, so badly, we had one in Atlanta, but then, I don’t…

The next day, we slowly woke up, ate brunch at this place called Little Vic’s. Coffee, Pizza and Gelato. Uh, yes please. Plus, the guys that worked there were super great.

Basically the rest of the 3 days was walking, exploring, eating and gawking.

The last day, we rode the trolley, visited the WWII museum and ate at NOLA’s only microbrewery, Crescent City Brewhouse. This place is a definite place to visit. We spent $80 on lunch, and I don’t regret a single thing about it. 🙂 Gumbo, dark beer, blackened fish, a po’ boy and bread putting later, we waddled back to our room. We had good intentions to visit Pat O’Briens to sit through some dueling pianos, but I just couldn’t even manage thinking about sitting somewhere, and pretending to be comfortable.

Such a great cultural city, full of life and history.


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