I blog? – OBX Delayed, delayed, delayed.

If this was a friendship, I don’t think I would have a friend anymore! Ugh, I cannot believe I have been so bad.

I’ve not really been too busy to write a post, I just haven’t, AKA lazy.

Shame on me, I know. I may not even really have people who look forward to my little ditty blog, but I just hate not keeping up with things.

So. Here is my first big trip of summer. Nags Head, NC. My husband’s family does basically a family reunion every year with his dad’s side of the family. We all eat, sleep and tan together for 7 days. Some of us don’t tan, but the majority of us do play cards.
The expected and infamous question – “Who wants to play Hand and Foot?” Can you family members hear that question in Grandpa’s voice? I’m about to say it out loud right now as I write. Love it. If you have never played Hand and Foot, you have not played very many good card games.

It’s an all nighter sometimes.

I’m going to try posting the photos a little differently this time, maybe more in a story mode. We’ll see how we feels about it once its posted, (I didn’t mean to sound like Smeagol).


Historically, we all stayed in one house.. I’m pretty sure there are 17 of us total and we just keep adding more to mix. People getting married and having kids… needless to say, it can get cramped (next year there will be a new baby girl to play with – I am SO excited!! ).
This year, us “delinquents” got a house all to our selves. This is a photo of the migration from our house to the dinner house. Andrew is clearly pumped. DSC_0022


The house! ( his family has been in the same house on vacation for like, 14 years )

The view. DSC_0070

This is Michael. I think he just learned how to do this during the week we were here. 🙂 DSC_0115

Andrew and Madeleine during dinner. They are biffles.DSC_0121

Again with the view. Something about this place during dinner time… the colors are so warm and the sound of the waves is majestic (that word, may or may not, apply – but I don’t care). DSC_0142


THE HAMMOCK. I sleep in this thing every year. Its underneath the house, near the hot tub; so no one really goes down there during the day . I can sleep in the shade out of the hot, hot, heat. 🙂


Some of you may know what this is. It’s an outdoor shower… and it is amazing. Especially when all 17 of you want to get ready for dinner at the same time, people sometimes forget about it. 🙂DSC_0156



One comment

  1. Meagan, Love the blog, brings back GREAT memories. Though I do think you have the wrong title for the new house, its actually the “Home for Wayward Children”.

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