Sims Wedding!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for Emily and Drew, and let me just say that, every time I do a wedding, I seriously think THIS is the best wedding I’ve done. Every time I get to shoot something new, I learn more and more about people and how to get the best photos I can.

I met Emily and Drew my freshman year of college at Faulkner University, and I was actually friends with Emily’s sister Sarah (who’s wedding I shot 2 Decembers ago). I also knew Drew from an ex boyfriend’s friend circle.
So funny how things work out years later, and how you can tell this is how its supposed to be. 

This ceremony took place in the Lester Chapel on campus, and truth be told, I was extremely nervous about shooting in this little chapel. I had only seen  one time during my 2 semesters at FU (little convenient/ inappropriate shorthand for the Christian school).  I don’t have serious lighting equipment so, I needed to make sure the light I could get for the ceremony was acceptable. Thankfully, 2 things were true:
1. The rose window let in a HUGE amount of natural light
2. The “stained” glass windows are actually fake and you can control the light they put off.

Needless to say, I fell in love with the yellow light from the rose window and we spent a lot more time in the chapel taking photos than I thought we would. We were also able to achieve some fairly intimate shots. 😉 meow!

ALSO, between Faulkner and Alabama Christian School there is a water reservoir/ ditch, that I played in a few times, and I thought that that would be a pretty cool backdrop for these guys. Faulkner has a really pretty campus, but as I was scoping out photo spots, I noticed there would either be a brick building or a vehicle in the background. This ditch kind of gave it a little edge, without a view of the normal world.

Sims Wedding 181

Sims Wedding 182Once upon a time there was a bride, and she was a beautiful movie starlet…

Sims Wedding 319 Sims Wedding 226 Sims Wedding 220 Sims Wedding 217 Sims Wedding 209
I think I’m going to put it in my future contracts you have save me a piece of cake. I always look back at the photos and think, “it looked so good…” Sims Wedding 203Baseball!! Sims Wedding 193I really did love Emily’s dress.. SO beautiful. Sims Wedding 321Sims Wedding 326
Sims Wedding 406Sims Wedding 411Sims Wedding 523
so cute. 🙂 Sims Wedding 533

Sims Wedding 574 Sims Wedding 580 Sims Wedding 586 Sims Wedding 600I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Sims Wedding 604 Sims Wedding 607and, what kind of wedding would it be with out a little butt grab?
Sims Wedding 669 Sims Wedding 676 Sims Wedding 680and nothing says a wedding well done, like a proud and happy momma.

You really get to know someone when you are in their personal space telling them to kiss their newly married spouse, and I will say, that I truly believe you two are going to have a life full of love and fun. You two have a special look you give the other, and that in its self is extremely special.

Congratulations, and thank you so much (seriously, I really enjoyed shooting your wedding) for asking me to take your wedding photos. I hope I was able to ease some of the fear of being in front of the camera ;).



  1. Great pics. We have started as a place where people can celebrated moments which are historical in life and have them immortalized on a global, virtual, eternal graffiti wall. We believe weddings are one such moment and believe photographers like yourself can help us create this wall of human history by giving your clients a chance to immortalize the day with one of your pictures. Heres a video showing how to load a birth tile for our global birth registry, the process is similar. Thanks…

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