The Goat Girl – one of my favorite people.

I know I’ve written about Anna (, before but this lady is doing all sorts of self-fulfilling things right now. I’m jealous in more ways than I can explain. I love that she and her husband live this simple (and by simple I am by no way demeaning them) life, where its just them, their house, and their animals. They love every minute of it.

I really admire Anna, because she is doing what she wants to do with her life and there is really no thought of “will we make it”, she just goes and knows that it will work. She and her husband are a self-sufficient system, working for themselves, building things and selling what they make (or raise) with their own hands (YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT HER SOAPS).

I just love how they are able to sustain themselves without much want or need, everything they might needs is pretty much provided for them by the animals and land they have.

I’m hoping that one day, I can work with Anna taking photos or helping her start up her soap business :).

Ignore, or do not ignore my silly goat commentary below, I just look at these pictures and hear them talking to me… its weird, I know.
Here she is loving on one of her babies.

DSC_0018 - Version 2 58
DSC_0004 73
DSC_0044 39
This lady is like, “MILK ME!”
DSC_0051 35
DSC_0020 56
“These guys suck on my teets all the time…”
DSC_0026 50
DSC_0035 43
“These guys are cray, but I wov you.”
DSC_0080 24
*Sultry goat*
DSC_0103 16Treats for the babies!

DSC_0009 68
“Um, did you say treats?”
DSC_0112 12
DSC_0109 14

“Please sir, can I have some more?” 
DSC_0059 33


DSC_0069 26

The end. (goat butts are the cutest).


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