2nd Anniversary – trip to the zoo.

So, this post is actually relevant to the 2014 year!

End of March was our 2 year anniversary!! 🙂 Crazy, how I feel like we just got married. I can still feel the excitement of everything like it was last week. I can also feel the anxiety of when my dress wouldn’t zip up, but lets not go down that dark path…
Anyway, we had a big trip planned in June to go out west, so for this year’s anniversary, we decided to do a little stay-cation. We got a hotel in Midtown, did some yum-sushi and then went to the Zoo Atlanta. I know that sounds a little lame… but I hadn’t gone to the zoo since Willie B was still a live… which… was a REALLY long time ago, and I’ve been wanting to go.

First thing I realize when we got there was, animals are weird. Cats and dogs, they are normal but everything from the African realm of the world is weird…

I mean, have you ever really looked at a Flamingo?
First of all, they are pink. Not your typical animal color.
Secondly, they put their head somewhere on their back, down a magical hole or something.
Third, how the heck are they stable? I couldn’t imagine being a yogi 24-7 and being in Tree Pose all the time.
That being sad, I feel like its the existing Unicorn of the world, and if I was ever on a safari and came upon a flock of these guys in a waterfall just chillin’, I’d probably bust into tears from their majesty.

DSC_0250 196

DSC_0264 182

DSC_0256 190

I promise they did this all on their own. I didn’t pose them to make a heart shape.

DSC_0253 193

DSC_0251 195

DSC_0279 168

Obligatory, photo of Jonathan taking a photo. 🙂

DSC_0286 161

The whole time I was watching the elephants, I kept waiting for them to get into formation and do their song and dance like in the Jungle Book.

DSC_0335 124

Things kind of got hot ‘n heavy in the bird room. DSC_0334 125

Some even looked away…

DSC_0326 130

DSC_0312 140

but then others kept about their normal routine. You know, looking cute and asking for peanut butter-bird seed.
DSC_0311 141

DSC_0303 148

I kept freaking out that I was going to get pooped on. Thankfully, neither of us were hit.

DSC_0368 108

DSC_0383 94

DSC_0375 102

DSC_0374 103Giraffes were the funnest to watch, I think. They really have the most friendly personality, (in captivity)… I know they can get pretty gnarly with their head swinging when they get pissed.
DSC_0406 75This is just silly to me.

DSC_0416 69

Primates are my least favorite thing to see. Honestly. Maybe its too many viewings of Planet of the Apes, maybe its the fact they can literally, bash your brains in… mild paranoid…I dont know. These guys are beasts.

I respect them for their beauty, power and intelligence, but they scare the crap out of me.
While we were viewing them, 2 of them got into a tif and it was like utter chaos. I’ve never been to a dog fight, but that’s exactly how I would imagine one to be. A loud scream starts it and the next thing you know apes are running around gathering the posse and people are making a scene. Really unsettling.
DSC_0421 66

DSC_0457 44

Dr. Zaius was there.

DSC_0456 45

DSC_0447 49

Momma and her baby.

DSC_0436 56This one is my least favorite. The fangs… anyways.

Sociologically speaking, primates are some of the most interesting animals. They have a leader, they have rules and they have  communication… I loved learning about the way their culture is. In school we learned about this Anthropologist who basically adopted a chimpanzee named her Koko and raised her with her son. Her son spent so much time with the chimp he started picking up behaviors from Koko. When chimps don’t like you, or are mad at you, they turn their backs to you.. in going through the majority of the photos from our visit… they all had their backs turned to viewers at some point.

DSC_0463 40

DSC_0465 38

Probably, the closest thing to meeting a dragon I’ll ever get.

DSC_0481 29

DSC_0480 30

DSC_0478 31

I kept waiting on these guys to start speaking in Parseltongue…
DSC_0483 28Black mama y’all.

DSC_0476 32and now on to cuter, more snuggly things.

DSC_0521 11

DSC_0536 2



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