Couples Shower – 06/12 for Zack & Chelsea

In honor of one of my best friends’ wedding coming up on Saturday, I figured I’d post about her couples shower we threw back in June…

Better late than never.

DSC_0576 1

Chelsea has a love for white and gold. Especially fake animals. 🙂

DSC_0579 4

We had a mild fiasco with the cute drink dispenser to the right… hence the pitcher. Not only was it just leaking, it was a steady stream of fluid.

DSC_0584 7

Super cute cheese board.

DSC_0589 10


DSC_0599 15

Yea, she’s a diva.

DSC_0605 19

DSC_0607 21

DSC_0619 30

And Bre brought Gavin!!!

DSC_0634 36


So cute!!

DSC_0656 52

A great round of corn hole, and apparently you want to be on Sarah’s team. She wins.

DSC_0661 55

DSC_0672 65

DSC_0686 77

DSC_0687 78

Happy Shiny People.

DSC_0689 80

DSC_0694 85

When the game gets rough… Brenden takes off his shoes.

DSC_0695 86

I told you, she wins!


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