Northern California – Trip to Tehama Angus Ranch (June 2014)

This June the Avrit side of the family had a family reunion, and we were lucky enough to be able to join… I had been dying for another California visit so, needless to say, I was so thankful we could go.

First stop, Sonoma, CA to visit Grandma & Grandpa. DSC_0698 2 DSC_0702 3 They have a loaded garden. Watermelon, corn, lemons & oranges. Grandma makes to die for jellies, curds and jams… DSC_0722 17 Next stop, Fenton’s. If you’ve seen Up, you’ve seen Fenton’s, you just might not have known it. 🙂 DSC_0737 29 and no, i did NOT eat that entire ice-cream.

(I’ve been eating better, working out regularly… and man, seeing this really makes me see the difference.)
DSC_0741 33

Headed north!

DSC_0742 34

DSC_0743 35

DSC_0745 37

So, once we got to the ranch and parked, we were walking towards the house and we got buzzed by a little plane! It was Jonathan’s uncle, just having some fun. I think we could see him laughing at our faces from the ground.

Within the next 20 minutes, Jonathan was up there flying around.

This is their take off.
DSC_0754 42 DSC_0760 48

I didn’t feel brave enough to go flying until the next day and his cousin took me up, and I cannot describe how amazing it is to see the world like that. Probably as close as you can get to being a bird, without parachuting or hang glinding.

DSC_0769 55

DSC_0786 68

DSC_0801 71

Piggy – pig.

DSC_0813 75

DSC_0823 79

DSC_0827 - Version 2 84

DSC_0830 87

DSC_0843 91

Jonathan’s aunt was determined to get me to try all sorts fruit this week, and I ended up loving all of it! I was even eating blackberries with milk and sugar. SO good.

Nothing i’ve seen this far in my life is as pretty as Northern California. Especially the fruit.

DSC_0849 97

Dinner! Outside! DSC_0867 101

DSC_0868 102

DSC_0874 104

We can’t eat dinner outside in the south…. you will get eat up with mosquitos, and yes, the phrase is, “eat up”.

DSC_0877 105

DSC_0880 106

DSC_0882 107

DSC_0885 109

Grill talk.

DSC_0889 110

DSC_0893 114

Andrew loves Michael.

DSC_0902 120

DSC_0931 134

DSC_0933 136

We had a mini-family reunion, here. DSC_0936 138

DSC_0937 139

Can someone please make this famous photo? I love this so much! ^^

DSC_0940 141

After dinner we went four-wheeling, my love.

DSC_0950 151

bruddas! (Scaring the cows)….

DSC_0958 158


DSC_0972 172

DSC_0977 177

DSC_0988 185

Madeleine on a four-wheeler for the first time. She just kept screaming. 🙂

DSC_1009 192

A’mond trees.

DSC_1014 194

DSC_1043 217

DSC_1044 218


DSC_1047 221



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