2nd Shooting – Bacon Wedding

There’s a lot to be said about being a photographer, & what your style is – or what it may become… Not sure where to start on this post, but I guess I’ll start by saying back in October I was asked to help out in second shooting a wedding with my best friend’s sister Stefanie Arnette Photography.

It was BEAUTIFUL. Sunny, great temperature, & you could just feel the love everywhere.

Going through this day though, as a #2 made me sort of realize, when I shoot weddings, or any kind of event, I’m not in it for hitting every pose on the,”TOP 15 SHOTS YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER HAS TO HIT”… I’m in it for me.

Selfish, right?Let me explain…

Weddings in general can be stressful, photographing a wedding, is doubly stressful. Your bride has been perusing Pinterest & posting wedding crap for months, if not years (most likely, she had all these poses picked out BEFORE there was even the potential of a wedding) & you are expected to hit all these poses/ moments that have a 7/10 chance of not happening.

You can’t capture a shot of the bride and groom in a field with a horse, if your venue is not, indeed, in a field, with a horse.
That makes sense to everyone right?

So having this HOT list of of poses you want, is a little…. inflexible. A wedding day is a timelined day from the moment you wake up until the moment you get to your hotel/ sleeping arrangement; and most likely, everything on that timeline will get pushed back 10-30 minutes. Someone’s hair will not be done in time, a family member will get lost getting to the venue, or the bride might have a breakdown and need a moment to recoup and get her face back together.

That’s what I love about weddings! THINGS HAPPENING.

Its not perfect, its a mess, and photographers get paid to document all of the ups & downs. Its beautiful.
You’re a paid fly on the wall. That’s what I mean by, “in it for me”. I’m a people watcher, and I love finding little moments that the bride and groom (& their family), might be too preoccupied to notice; so when they get their CD they can look at it and say, “I didn’t see that happen!” or “How sweet of them to notice this!”.
Sometimes a single photographer or the primary shooter, you don’t have the luxury to take time to notice all of these little moments, because you’ve got so much pressure to get these scheduled shots. Plus, it takes away from the photographer’s ability to free form/compose as they go or get a feel of their subject’s personality. Which, in my opinion is what you want; someone who can get to know you, without having to talk to you for HOURS.

My wedding photographer caught a moment between my grandparents – where they were praying together and holding hands and I am SO thankful she did. It’s probably one of the best photos from the whole day, simply because no one else noticed it but her. Since my wedding, I’ve lost both of my maternal grandparents, & that photo is something I will always cherish of them.

So, for me, I’m not about the poses or the perfect shot; I’m about the documentation and experience.

All of that to say, I really enjoyed being a fly on the wall for this sweet couple. I got a snippet glimpse into their life, without having to talk to them very much, and all I can say is that their life together will be full of love, devotion & adoration.

Here are some of my favorite snips from that day:

First look with a girl’s daddy.

DSC_0027 10 Reading a letter from her future husband. DSC_0037 - Version 2 16 DSC_0057 20A shy, beautiful, little flower girl.
DSC_0059 21The details of her dress.
DSC_0079 24 After I yelled at the bride….. “DON’T MOVE!” 😉DSC_0105 28 DSC_0108 31She got excited about seeing the lady to the left of the frame, and I immediately took her photo, but I got caught. 🙂
DSC_0112 33 DSC_0123 38 Conversations. DSC_0132 43There was a lot of hugging this day, this is only one of many.
DSC_0139 46 DSC_0155 51 Here’s another greeting and then its hug. DSC_0176 52 DSC_0178 53 DSC_0210 58 DSC_0212 59 This sweet moment. DSC_0217 61DSC_0216 60 I love the way people look at the person, who made them laugh. DSC_0218 62 This little girl, dancing her life away. ALONE. You go girl! DSC_0288 71 This little guy walked around the wedding alone for the majority of the day… but I kept my eye on him because he looked like he was really interesting. And then he did this. haha. DSC_0310 73 Mother & son hugs. DSC_0325 76 A bridesmaid who got tickled with herself after she gave the groom a funny face. DSC_0369 82 DSC_0405 85 DSC_0435 86Apparently, I’m a sucker for ringlets. DSC_0465 - Version 2 93This is just all over sweet. The redheaded flower girl got stung by a bee on the way down the isle. 😦
DSC_0500 99 Their first communion. DSC_0533 101 DSC_0538 - Version 2 105 DSC_0543 109 Here’s that adoration I was talking about, DSC_0614 122and the love. DSC_0631 125 Worshiping together. DSC_0697 126& the excitement on the flower girl’s face, that its over! 🙂
DSC_0757 153


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