2014 Dragon Con – thousands of nerds in one place

This was my first year ever going to Dragon Con, and let me just say it was awesome. It had that feeling of being with likeminded friends, except you knew no one but everyone was still smiling and gawking at all the creative and well done costumes.

I mean, WELL DONE.

The kind of well done, that, you should dress like that everyday or at least once a week. Its something to be proud of, especially if you made the costume.

Its just really comforting to know, that I like to dress up and pretend to be one of my favorite characters, and so do other people. Lots of other people.

Here’s some stuff from the weekend.

DSC_0142 194

Zelda girl waiting in line for SIR PATRICK STEWART, which BTW he was such a sweet man. I wish I could have hugged him, and have him tell me a story.

DSC_0145 192

Happy Grieco.
DSC_0271 104

DSC_0267 108

Star Lord.

DSC_0262 110

Nerd Xing.

DSC_0256 113

DSC_0244 121

Rev. Newlin dancing on Lafayette.

DSC_0242 122

DSC_0237 124

My only complaint were all the girl Lokis. SO MANY, SO STUPID. Sorry, not sorry…

DSC_0233 126

DSC_0231 128

DSC_0213 136


DSC_0181 163


DSC_0175 169

DSC_0171 173


DSC_0158 181


DSC_0146 191

Waiting in line for the BSG panel… my heart was oh, so, so happy.

DSC_0279 96

DSC_0366 29

That moment Mary McDonnell walks out in her Laura Roslin suit and is SO excited about it.

DSC_0368 27

DSC_0376 19

Best part of the day, is yelling at the top of my lungs “SO SAY WE ALL”, led by Colonel Tigh. Tears every time I replay the video.


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