November 1st – My Best Friend’s Wedding

This past November my best friend got married, I was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of 2 Matrons of Honor, and a photographer.

I’ve known Carlie for almost 20 years and have been biffles with her for almost 10.

We’ve been through so much together, including her listening to me sob when I thought my husband wasn’t ever going to propose to me; to her sobbing thinking she’d never find her soul mate.

Well, she did and here are photos of the day.
(Which, do not ever agree to be a photographer and a bridesmaid, unless you absolutely love the bride. That junk be cray 🙂 )

DSC_0946 110

DSC_0962 118

DSC_0955 115

DSC_1036 153

I honestly didn’t think we would find THIS dress. Carlie searched and searched… several visits to different boutiques/ stores and I’m so glad she fell in love with this one. I might have strangled her if she hadn’t. We all fell in love with it the moment she put it on.

DSC_0984 132

DSC_0993 137

DSC_0988 134

Joe was super excited about his wedding day shoes. haha.

DSC_1005 144

DSC_1065 - Version 2 174

One thing you should know about Joe, is how awesome his laugh is. Its loud, but it brings you right in, to be on his level. You might not know what exactly he’s laughing at, but you’ll be laughing because he’s laughing.

DSC_1068 - Version 2 178

DSC_1079 183

I walked in on Carlie and Mary hugging and I did my usual ” DON’T MOVE” scream.

DSC_1134 208

DSC_1140 212

Um, she’s opening “Hot Hands”, and thats because it was like…. 40 degrees on her wedding day. haha We were putting these things around our bouquets so we could stay warm. 🙂

DSC_1124 - Version 2 203

DSC_1170 230

DSC_1165 226
DSC_1094 190

DSC_1087 186

DSC_1201 251

I had to make him laugh, otherwise I think he might have died.

DSC_1210 259

DSC_1215 263

First Looks are the best.

DSC_1228 - Version 2 275

DSC_1250 295

Everyone approves.

DSC_1235 282

DSC_1265 - Version 2 305

DSC_1281 - Version 2 323

Joe can make this girl giggle.

DSC_1273 314

DSC_1293 336

DSC_1338 365


Hey Pook, you found your soul mate :).


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