Kimberly’s baby shower – 2015.06.20

A few weeks ago one of my good friends and I threw a baby shower, for our good friend, Kimberly.

And I do say, it was a success. The food was great, the Gigi’s cupcakes didn’t melt, and all of the beverage dispensers worked with out leaking (in my opinion that makes a good party).

Here are some of the photos from that day.

Cheese straws, can’t have a southern event, without cheese straws.
DSC_0001 1

You want to hear something crazy? This fruit dip is SO delicious, and its only sour cream and brown sugar.
Who would have thought???DSC_0003 3

DSC_0004 4

A big thanks to the mommy being honored, for doing all the signage, because she has pretty hand writing. 🙂 DSC_0008 7

DSC_0010 9

DSC_0015 12

DSC_0020 16

DSC_0023 19

“Shower”, get it?
DSC_0026 22

DSC_0024 20

“Guest book”, where guests sign baby Samantha’s piggy bank. 🙂
DSC_0029 24

Favor table. DSC_0036 29

I love taking photos of center pieces… DSC_0042 34DSC_0044 36Can’t wait to meet this baby girl!! Hopefully this week!


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