Zack & Chelsea – The Engagement Story.

Engagement story!

Engagement story!

This past March I got to do some sneaking around with one of my favorite dudes, Zack! He texted me one day and asked if I could keep a secret. I immediately knew what this meant. RING!! RING!! πŸ˜‰ He mentioned wanting to propose to his sweet, girlfriend Chelsea and it needed to be captured with out her being suspicious. Luckily, we had previously tried to do couples pictures before, but it was so unbearably cold, we wussed out. So, we needed a make up day, right?

We schemed a fairly easy plan, to take pictures like the first time, except this time some cute chalkboard signs were involved. We walked around in the beautiful March weather, snapping photos with Chelsea being none the wiser.

I didn’t want the proposal to be too public, because while I believe in the documentation, I don’t believe in ruining the emotions that happen when you’re proposed to with gawking bystanders. You should be able to remember and be in that moment you only get to experience once. Your proposal, so if you feel the need to cry, you can.

We found this cute alley and they wrote little sweet things, one of which was, “As you wish…” from The Princess Bride. Which, if you knew Zack before he started dating Chelsea, he was very much a guy who didn’t see himself settling down for a while. He had dreams of adventure and travel – not to say he doesn’t have dreams now, but now, his dreams involve his fiancΓ©. Chelsea somehow appeared and taught him the ways of love. So, the “As you wish…” was very fitting because this dude loves this girl.

Anyway, we did a shot where Chelsea stood behind being all sassy, and Zack wrote, “I’m about to propose!” and then he did!

As I’m shooting their proposal, I’m thinking of mine and my (then) upcoming wedding to my amazing husband of a man. I’m tearing up, Chelsea is crying and I just wanted to shout from the mountain tops. πŸ˜‰

I love this couple, they are some of my favorite people and I can’t wait for their wedding!!



  1. Megan, I just saw this on Chelsea’s fb. It is always so precious to get to see or hear someone else’s perspective of my children and I must say you made me cry. Thank you πŸ™‚ Zack’s mom.

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